During the next few weeks you will need to think about all of things you learned from Officer Potts and your classmates in our DARE program.  You can also use your DARE workbook as a helpful resource to review the topics we studied.

You are to write a multi paragraphed essay about your DARE experience.  What topics do you want to discuss?  How do you feel about the DARE program?  What have learned in DARE than can help you stay drug-free and avoid violence?  Why do you think it is important to be drug-free and avoid violence?  What did DARE teach you about interacting with other people?  You could also add a paragraph about the prizes, DARE cards, the hot dog barbecue, Officer Potts’ teaching and his personal interest in students, if you wish.  This is your essay.  Make it your personal experience.

You may have proofreading help but make sure that the proofreader leaves your opinions and feelings as you expressed them so that it is your essay.  If you would like me to read your essay, please have your rough draft to me by January 10, 2008

Now, because this is also a writing assignment, you’ll want to you use correct conventions, (grammar, punctuation, spelling), good word choice, voice, sentence fluency (varied sentence starters, no run-on sentences) and remember the 4 T’s (time, topic, talker, territory) of paragraph organization.  Be sure you have an introduction (mini) paragraph at least 3 nicely developed paragraphs about DARE and a wrap-up conclusion paragraph. 

Please print two copies; one for Officer Potts and and one for your finished writing folder. Your essay is due on January 18, 2008

I was very impressed by everyone’s participation and comments during the DARE classes, so I am confident that you will write a great essay.  Start writing and good luck.

D.A.R.E. Essay Checklist

You are to write a multi paragraphed essay about your DARE experience.


  • I write using the same point of view throughout my paper.
  • I know why I am writing (purpose) and to who I am writing (audience)


  • I write an essay that has one clear main idea and stays on topic.
  • I include a beginning, middle and end .
  • I correctly indent for each new paragraph . Remember the 4 “T's” .
  • I include specific and interesting details about the D.A.R.E. program.
  • I explain what happened in a logical sequence so my essay makes sense.
  • I include an original title .


  • I write an exciting and attention-getting beginning to interest my reader.
  • I introduce the people in my story. (Officer Potts)


  • I describe my experience in D.A.R.E.
  • I explain the importance of what I have learned in D.A.R.E.


  • My ending is complete because it ties together the essay. (conclusion)


  • I have tried my best to spell all words correctly. I use the dictionary for words I don't know how to spell.
  • I end my sentences with correct punctuation and use commas where I should.
  • I capitalize appropriate letters.
  • My sentences make sense and don't have grammar errors.
  • My writing is legible and neat .


  • I use descriptive nouns, adjectives and verbs to describe my experience in D.A.R.E.


  • I write complete sentences so there are no fragments.
  • I have no run-on sentences.
  • My sentences begin in different ways. For example, I do not write: “Then I went to the store. Then I bought milk. Then I returned to the card with my mom. Then we went home. Use the transition words in your writing notebook.

Last updated January 3, 2008